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Split Systems Air Conditioner

There are multiple types of split system air conditioners that we can offer to satisfy all of your heating & cooling requirements.

Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioner

The most common form of air conditioning for those wanting to heat & cool single rooms. Inverter Technologyhas made "split" very compact and powerful, yet quiet and cost effective. The ability to be installed in multiple locations makes wall mounted split systems a versitile option.


Where air conditioning installation is not possible due to lack of wall space or concrete ceilings, a bulkhead can be built to house the unit. A slim linear face is all that is seen, making these units nearly invisible.

Ceiling Cassette

The clever design of these units allows them to be attached flush to a ceiling. They are best installed central to the room to gain the advantage of their 360° airflow.

Floor Standing

Split systems are compact and ideal for those wanting to position their unit installed at ground level.


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