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Solar Hot Water Systems

Installing a solar water heater can greatly reduce your energy bills by using the sun to heat water at no cost.

Using solar to heat water produces no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. A solar water heater can provide up to 90 percent of your total hot water requirements, subject to the climate and the system chosen.

The installation cost of a solar water heater is greater than other forms of gas water heaters but energy savings will compensate for this over time. Government rebates may also be avail abel to decrease your initial outlay.

Solar hot water systems use solar collectors or panels to absorb energy from the sun. Water is heated by the sun as it passes through the collectors. It then flows into an insulated storage tank for later where it is stored for use when required.

Supplied in either a close coupled system where the panels and tank are on the roof. The booster can be installed on the roof but it is usual for the booster to be at ground level. The other alternative is a split system where panels are on the roof and the tank and booster are at the ground level

  • Lowest running costs of all hot water systems
  • The most energy efficient hot water system
  • Emitting the least green house gas
  • Available in tank sizes from 160 to 480 liters
  • Systems supplied with one to four solar panels
  • Available with gas boosters ranging from 18 liters/min to 32 liters/minute
  • Warranties from 5 to 10 years

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