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Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling is Australia's cheapest form of whole home cooling, some brands being able to cool from as little as 3 cents* per hour. Drawing in fresh air constantly your home will not have stale recycled air being circulated leaving your home cool and comfortable.

How does Evaporative Cooling work?

  • An evaporative cooler is installed on your roof; ducking is ran inside your roof cavity and connected to a series of outlets placed throughout the home.
  • The evaporative cooler unit draws in fresh air from outside your home, the hotter the air, the better the cooling effect will be. As it passes through the water saturated pads the air is cooled down and flows through in to every room in your house.
  • Your entire home is refreshed with cool air every few minutes and by leaving specific doors and windows open shown to you by your temperature technician your home will be cool in no time!
  • Evaporative cooling is the healthiest way to cool your home, particularly for sufferers of hay-fever, asthma and other allergies. It is up to 50% cheaper to install and up to three times cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling. Average electrical running costs can average out to less than 15 cents an hour*.

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