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Continuous Flow/Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

With an instantaneous or continuous flow hot water system: water is heated when needed because water is heated instantaneously, the system does not run out of hot water nd saves you money as it only heats what you need.

An Instantaneous Hot Water System size is smaller than storage systems and is generally mounted on an external wall.

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems can be installed externally or internally. Restrictions exist on internal gas hot water systems.

Continuous Flow/Instantaneous Hot Water Systems operate on natural gas or LPG.

  • Five to six star energy efficiency models available
  • Low running costs
  • Available with flow rates from 16 liters/minute to 32 liters/minute
  • Endless supply of hot water
  • Optional temperature controls panels (key pads) are available for all models
  • Systems available for internal (limited) and external applications
  • These units ignite with an electronic ignition meaning there is no standing pilot light
  • An outdoor power point is required to operate instantaneous systems

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